Georgia Wakeboard Lessons Testimonials

Bubba B.

I am a 31 year old water junkie who has grown up on the water. I have been wakeboarding for over 18 years. Growing up with the sport, I made it my goal to learn the basic inverts and spins at a very young age and become comfortable with the basic stock run that would get a hoot and holler from a boat passing by. Now a days everyone goes upside down and spins. The shock and awe of seeing your average Joe on the lake do those things is in the past. I have been friends with the Lee brothers for almost 8 years now and riding with them for the last 5. Finally, last summer, Brandon and I decided it was time to push my riding to a level that I should have pushed it to years ago. I committed myself to listen to coach Brandon and took lessons from both him and Brett in late July 2012. In a short 3 weeks, I learned 3 new inverts (toeside back roll, half-cab roll, and a Tantrum) and two new spins (toeside frontside 360 and a Switch heelside frontside 360). I learned more from Brandon's instruction in 3 short weeks than I have in over eight years. I am finally back to the point of really being hungry to push my riding, learn new things, fix bad habits, and progress. Keep in mind that I am 6'2'' 235 lbs- not built like your typical pro rider. If I can do this anyone can, you just have to want it and be willing to work for it. I have been in the GA wake scene for a long time and am ready to try to play catch up to the young guns. I can’t say enough about the great instruction you will receive from GA Wake not to mention the fun you will have doing it. If you are ready to learn how to get up, jump wake to wake, land your first invert or spin, or take your riding to the pro level, look no further. These guys can do it all!

Buck B.

I've known Brandon and Brett for over a decade and have always enjoyed being on the water with them. In 2005, I landed my first heelside backside 540 following several pointers and corrections from Brett. In 2012, Brandon helped "rebuild" my toeside approach. I've always had a difficult time with toeside backroll variations and, not content with my somewhat stagnant riding, Brandon helped develop a plan to fix that aspect of my riding. Brandon's plan literally started with my body position and handle placement; two things that after a decade of riding I figured were solid. Well, they weren't. After following the plan and making these foundational changes, my toeside riding improved dramatically and I landed my first Pete Rose, a trick I had been unsuccessfully pursuing for over five years.

Terry E.

Our family started using Georgia Wakeboard Lessons after doing a trial lesson at an INT competition. We were so impressed with their instructional abilities, professionalism, and passion for the sport. At our first lesson, Brandon had us set goals. He then helped us achieve those goals over the season. Brandon regularly rode his board with us to demonstrate how to do a trick properly. When the kids (10 and 14 at the time) get behind the boat, he shows them what to do. He is also able to demonstrate what they are doing incorrectly and how to fix it. Having both instructor and student in the water at the same time enables the rider to see the difference between proper and improper technique. On the very next trick they can try to implement the proper technique. The two-in-the-water instruction makes correcting the trick so much easier. Being the parent of the younger set and not having grown up on the water, I know I will never be as good as the kids or as quick to learn. However, Brandon makes sure that I improve my skills and keeps me laughing at the same time. When it came time for competing, Brandon was an asset there as well. He helped us design our runs for maximum efficiency and points based on our current skill level. All of our skills dramatically improved over the summer. We plan on using them again this summer. However, this year we will be starting earlier so that we can progress even further.

Dhruv C.

My girlfriend and I decided to go wakeboarding as something unique to do over the weekend. We have always been intrigued by the idea, and were able to easily find Georgia Wakeboard Lessons on Google. I contacted Brandon to discuss our ability and which type of lesson was most apt to our needs. After discussing with me for a while, Brandon promptly followed up, and was easily accessible via text message all throughout the buildup and payment processes. Arriving at the location, Brandon and Brett continued to show the same professionalism and enthusiasm that I experienced over the phone. The combination of patience, professionalism, humor, and genuine desire for their student’s improvement makes them naturally gifted instructors. Furthermore, they were very flexible on time, and seemed more concerned with our success than finishing exactly when the lesson ended. These guys are great and if you want to wakeboard, you won’t find better teachers to do it with.

Wayne B.

My wakeboarding experience has been fairly limited; I could get up on a board and cross the wake heel and toe side. Sometimes I might get a little air going heel side, but that was about it. I very rarely would even attempt to ride switch. After Brandon and Brett spent a total of four hours working with me I was amazed! What I needed to do was to work on the basics and that is exactly what Brandon had me doing in my first session. We worked on edging; progressive pulls back into the wake and angle into the wake. There is very little that escaped his eye as he watched me on the wakeboard. What is great about the way they teach is that it is a progressive learning curve. They started where I was and then in bite size increments help me move to the next level. They had a plan designed specifically for my skill level which gave me confidence and helped me move forward. By the end of the second session I was able to ride switch crossing the wake heel side and toe side (at least I made it switch toe side a couple of times), had incorporated an Ollie into my jumps, and Brett had me clearing both wakes ! At 63 years of age, I never would have thought I could do that! These guys are not only world class wake boarders, but they are also world class instructors as well. That, I think, is what sets them apart. It is one thing to be really good at wakeboarding (which they are!), but it is something entirely different to be able to impart that skill to others. Brandon & Brett do that extremely well.

I am a better wake boarder after working with these two guys for 4 hours, and regardless your skill level, they can make you a better wake boarder too!