Georgia Wakeboard Lessons Services Information

Instruction on Our MasterCraft

Choose instruction behind our MasterCraft and you will be rewarded with perfect wakes that MasterCraft is known for, smooth water and the best equipment. With a more controlled setting and fewer variables, you’ll be able to focus solely on riding, not launching your boat, making sure it has gas, that it’s properly weighted and all the other details that come with owning a boat.

Introductory Lesson: A 1.5 hour introductory lesson for those who have never wakeboarded or wakesurfed.

Hourly: One 5-minute warm-up and two 20-minute fully instructed sets.

Half Day: A more comprehensive lesson that can’t be squeezed into an hour. We will dive into the fundamentals of wakeboarding, utilizing many different drills that focus on proper technique, in addition to working on your tricks, which will accelerate your progression and help you hit your goals. Split this with a buddy for just a few bucks more.

Daily: Designed for a minimum of three people, but recommended for up to five. This full day consists of our comprehensive instruction. After 8 hours with us, you’ll sleep well.

Extended Instruction: If you’re looking for consistent instruction throughout the year, we’ve got you covered. Our Hourly, Half Day, and Daily rates are available at a discount if you book 4 or more at once. This is by far the best way to progress. Justin Lee is an example of what this extended program can accomplish. Each package is unique so contact us for scheduling and pricing.

Group Instruction(Birthdays/Business Outings): If you have a large group, whether it’s a birthday party with 9 kids or a business outing with 6 execs, we will provide a day of instruction custom tailored for that group.

Instruction on Your Boat

Allow us to come where you are most comfortable- your backyard! We will travel to your destination. By using your boat, we can get down to business since you’re already comfortable on your home turf. If wakeboarding is new to you, we will guide you in the right direction on everything from actual wakeboard instruction to properly weighting your boat to correct (and incorrect) ways of pulling a wakeboarder.

The service fee for lessons on your boat is based only on our time instructing. If you want a private lesson from one of us, no problem. However if you have a group of folks, a birthday party, or are planning a business outing, this method is perfect. You can pack the boat and split the costs among everyone!

Ride Pass

No Boat? No one to ride with? Don’t want instruction? Then the Ride Pass is the ticket for you. Get time on the water behind our MasterCraft without the instruction at a fraction of the cost. The Ride Pass can also be added to any of our instruction programs for a complete summer on the water. See our Rates section for details.

Additional Services

Boat Driving: We’ll teach proper line selection, docking, rider pick-ups, double-ups, turning to prevent rollers, etc.

Cable & Obstacle Instruction: We have access to a private two-tower cable system, complete with a flat bar, kickers, and a 70-Foot A-Frame, just 20 minutes away.

Personal Training: Physical Fitness is crucial to any sport, and wakeboarding is no exception. Brett is a certified personal trainer and can build the perfect fitness training program customized to keep you in top condition for wakeboarding. These programs incorporate all areas of fitness including, but not limited to strength, flexibility, endurance, speed and agility, along with nutritional guidelines.

Contest Training: If you’re into contests and want to perform at your highest level, we can create custom programs that focus on helping you create unique and consistent contest runs.

Athlete Management: So you’re ready to get sponsored, but you don’t know what to do? As a marketing professional with extensive experience in wakeboarding, motocross, and event marketing sponsorships, Brandon can guide you in the right direction. He will help you with resume building, proper brand association, social media etiquette, and relationship-building.

Our MasterCraft X-25

Providing the best service is impossible without the best tools. Because of that, we exclusively use MasterCraft boats through WaterSports Central. Ask anyone who has participated in watersports and they’ll tell you that MasterCrafts are the benchmark of wakeboard and waterski boats. Their passion for producing the highest quality boats aligns perfectly with our quest to provide the best wakeboard instruction you can find.

Boards & Boots

We exclusively use CWB wakeboards and boots for their superior performance, comfort, and reliability. We have an assortment of boards and bindings that you may try out at no charge.

Ropes & Handles

Pro-Line handles and non-stretch ropes are our tow-rope of choice. Their synthetic leather grips are the most comfortable handles on the market. We exclusively use Pro-Line for all instruction.

Kill Cliff - The Recovery Drink

Kill Cliff is the recovery drink created by a former Navy Seal. Kill Cliff is not an energy drink, but a recovery drink designed to reduce inflammation caused by strenuous exercise and physical exertion (wakeboarding).

Last year, we opened our doors to a hand-full of the most determined riders for one grueling weekend of the most intense wakeboard training ever offered behind two MasterCrafts. When the dust settled, we spit out eight weather-hardened riders with over 40 combined new tricks, including a dozen new inverts.

For 2014, we're doubling our recruits, going all-inclusive, and adding a massive twist for those looking to push their riding to the the next level. We want anyone, beginner to expert, who is looking to push their body physically and mentally, to learn what it takes to be a professional athlete, and to feel what it takes to become the elite.

This year we've got a colossal surprise in store. In addition to boat riding at home-base Jackson Lake, we will be training at a top-secret facility, complete with a two-tower cable and unique obstacles inviting to all skill levels. The facility is so secretive that Kill-Cliff Recovery Drink will be transporting our recruits in/out throughout the weekend.

BOOT CAMP: BLACK OPS EDITION features three world-class coaches. Joining Brandon and Brett Lee again is current Buywake.com pro rider and instructor at The Boarding School, Jeff Langley. To ensure a comprehensive instruction experience, the three will be supported by assistant coaches Sam Henry and Jr. Pro rail-slayer and Ambush team rider Justin Lee.

Signing up includes two nights of lodging, two days of instruction, six meals (3 Saturday, 3 Sunday), use of our CWB Demo equipment, travel arrangements to/from our top-secret facility, pre/post athlete-assessment, limited edition shirt and no additional fees or taxes.

BOOT CAMP: BLACK OPS EDITION is packed with more value and eve more affordability than last year. For $525.00, you get everything listed above plus an experience you won't find anywhere else.


  • BOOT CAMP: BLACK OPS EDITION is reserved for athletes 12 and up. All Minors must be registered by a parent/legal guardian.
  • Skills taught include: Wake Riding, Obstacle/Kicker Training, Sponsorship Training, Exercise and Health Training, Teamwork and More.
  • Top-Secret Facility Location will be disclosed to parent(s)/legal guardian(s) of recruit upon registration.
  • Recruits will be divided into four teams based on skill-level and age.
  • 1 Adult Supervisor per 5 recruits