Frequently Asked Questions

Do you supply the equipment or do we have to bring our own?
If you have your own setup, we encourage you to use it, as that is what you’re most comfortable with. If you don’t have a setup or you want to try something new, we’ve got you covered with a full line of CWB wakeboards and bindings.
Do you offer packages for birthday parties or corporate outings?
Absolutely! We treat these on a case by case basis, so contact us with average age, number of people (between 6 and 10), and average experience level of the group. We’ll create a custom package for you.
Do you offer gift certificates?
Yes, and they are of unlimited denomination, to be redeemed for any of our services.
I can’t swim. Can I still wakeboard?
Yes. If you are new to watersports or have not been around the water much, we will run through a quick training introduction designed to get you comfortable in the water. During instruction and while on the boat, you will wear a USCG Type III approved life jacket at all times. Don’t stress out, you’re not the first with us and you won’t be the last. Come out and have fun!
Have you ever not been able to teach a new student how to get up on a wakeboard?
We are happy to say that in the past seven years we have been instructing, we have had less than 5 instances where a student was unable to get up on a wakeboard. These were rare instances with big groups and the student simply did not have enough time.
Do you teach waterskiing, kneeboarding, barefooting, or tubing?
No, we specialize in wakeboard instruction. If you want to bring a ski, kneeboard, or tube, we’ll gladly pull you, but we won’t be offering any instruction. If you want to barefoot for the heck of it, we’ll show you how and let you try.
How about wakesurfing? Do you teach that?
Yes, we do teach wakesurfing. Come out and ride behind our weighted MasterCraft or get us out on your boat. Having experience in most of today’s wakeboard and waterski boats, we can help you dial in your wake with weight, as well as help you find that sweet spot in the wave.
I’m coming from out of town. Where can I stay?
Currently, we do not offer lodging. We will direct you to local hotels in nearby cities McDonough, Jackson, Covington or Locust Grove… at most 20 minutes away.
What are the age requirements?
We don’t have any. The youngest we’ve taught is 4 years old and the oldest is 55. We welcome anyone who is willing to try!
What do I need to bring?
First, a good attitude and be willing to have fun and listen! Bring your board (if you have one), life jacket, boardshorts/bathing suit, a towel, sunscreen, and wetsuit if you need it. We'll supply Kill Cliff Recovery Drink, but if you want to bring anything else, feel free.
Can a student have a family member or friend accompany them?
Yes, at the discretion of Georgia Wakeboard Lessons and will be discussed prior to booking.
What do you do for bad weather?
We will operate through wind or rain, but will stop with signs of thunder or lightning. On a case by case basis, dependent on the student’s schedule, we may wait out the thunder/lightning and resume operation after we’re clear. If waiting is not an option, we will re-schedule the lesson.